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 Lucifer/the devil

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PostSubject: Lucifer/the devil   Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:12 am


Name of Allie:Lucifer

Appearence of Amigo: well we already now what the daevil look's like dont we Surprised

1st Skill, Ablility, and/or Weapon:flight

2nd Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:power over fire

3rd Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Hell gate

4th Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon: daemon army

5th Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Rebirth and death

History with your allie:When lokan was sent to earth Lokan emediattly wanted revenge but couldnt get to heaven so he teamed up with lucifer because he had plans for revenge + lokan and lucifer are brothers
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Lucifer/the devil
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